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How to control your resistance to relinquishing control

Control is one of those things that is very hard for people to give up, even when all the evidence is so easy to see from the outside.

Why? Because people who have control take it personally if (for sometimes external reasons) they begin to lose control. Control means “owning the power to decide”

In Mathematics, students are taught that usually the simplest and shortest proofs are the best. Because: 1) they are easy to follow, 2) they are less ambiguous, 3) most people can agree on them if they understand the logic.   As the issues and the world at large become more complex, the “proofs” get harder.

Proof that Control is hard to cede:

1) Mubarak from Egypt:   Wiki

2) Kadafi in Liby: LA Times

Too bad they didn’t  have Term Limits, like we do. I actually was not aware of this organization, until just now when I did the search for “term limits”….

As the world moves faster, and people have to work longer due to all the changes economically, its important to consider reducing term limits, and raising the bar to get higher quality candidates in offices.

In the future to get more accountability, one idea would be to have Politicians invest in their future, and in their own commitments. For example,

rather then blow $4 Million on swaying, convincing, and lying and calling names to their opponents, they would instead “make a bet” to the people to which they represent.

They could pledge $4 Million that they will meet or exceed 75% of the campaign goals they state in the candidacy.  If they succeed, they get to keep their $4M bet, their salary,and most importantly, they Earn the goodwill and respect of their constuituency.  If they fail, the $4 M, goes back to the general fund, to help recoup some of the losses or inefficiencies created by the unsuccessful official. There you have credibility balancing measure.  Sure the devil lies in the details, But since the devil is going lie anyway, why not have them put their money where their mouth is?