Ways to Think About Warhol: Teaching 7th graders about the Warhol legacy of Pop Art

Here is a presentation I did for 7th graders.  As an occasional volunteer teacher for Art in Action (artinaction.org) I put together this brief conceptual presentation to support a 15 minute lecture in advance of a hands-on art project.  What is important about Warhol cannot be gleaned from looking at his art, or his method, but instead depends on the historical context and the way he formulated a strategy, enlisted unpaid volunteers, manipulated the media and caused himself to become the cultural icon he was.

The actual hands component, print construction of iconic images with stark contrasting colors, was a total exercise in supply-chain planning and network flow optimization.  As such, it provided a simple manufacturing line example of how not to organize people, process, and artifacts for continuous flow :-).  However, some simple real-time reconfiguration and great volunteer team allowed the change in process to be implemented fast.

Download the presentation here.