Planning ahead for Near Earth Objects

The B612 Foundation
The B612 is a non-profit organization founded by a group of astronauts and scientists whose goal is to predict and prevent catastrophic asteroid impacts on Earth. Specifically, B612 aims to:

  1. Find potentially threatening asteroids and track their trajectories.
  2. Demonstrate the technology to alter the orbit of an asteroid in a controlled manner.

Asteroid and comet impacts have both destroyed and shaped life on Earth since it formed. The Earth orbits the Sun in a vast swarm of near Earth asteroids (NEAs), and impacts occur regularly. Most impacting objects burn up in the atmosphere before reaching the surface, but some don’t. Objects large enough to cause catastrophic impacts hit about once every ten thousand years. That translates into about a one percent chance of a catastrophic impact within this century.

Humanity has the means to anticipate and prevent catastrophic impacts. The B612 Foundation is raising the funds needed to deploy the necessary technology.