Intersection of Art and Chip Design circa 1990

In 1990, I was working as multipurpose software sales, marketing, fill in engineer, for Synergy Computer Graphics. One of the most interesting things to happen, was the need to plot some very large cool chip plots for some cool chip companies. The internet had not taken off yet, so I received tapes from Intel, TI, etc.

Because I had a keen eye for color, and how fill patterns worked with overlap in color, I got the assignment. 20 plots in one week.

Here as the announcement from

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Why did this job go to Synergy Computer Graphics (later absorbed into Nippon Steel) ? Because at that time, they had a patent on single-pass four color plotting and the only device on earth that could do it. The device was large, but fast. All other devices did 4 colors in 4 long passes of the rolled up plotting paper. These sold for $125K at that time.