First Interstitial Ad seen on Youtube

I don’t watch much youtube, but I do appreciate ite.  Maybe occasionally to learn a song or watch a song from some band.  But recently, I was watching this video here, on super massive black holes (one of my hobbies) and I noticed a seamless interstitial video advertisement inside an 18 minute video.  I have seen the annoying ones in front of some popular videos InVideo (lower 20%, clickable) but never inside (interstitial).  These are nasty because they cannot be closed.  This removes control from the user, which of course was an early mission of Google. Give users only what they want.  Hmm. Watch this video, if you like astrophysics, and see if you see an Ad, right around 7 min 30 seconds, in the 18 minute video here: (mine was about DeVry university).

Now, just for convenience, I looked up the “problem of interstitial ads” and there are tips and tricks to avoid getting them.

So here those are:

On Adblock

Now that Facebook allows Videos uploading, things will get interesting. Facebook I believe is the number one destination website, and Google and Youtube are right up there too.  Facebook is growing by capturing and transforming email  & IM behavior. The started out a niche focused, better version of Myspace. But myspace had so many problems, especially after its sale to News Corp, that it got clogged in its own mire.  In fact, its users got clogged in other users own mire. I suppose its better now, but I don’t use it. I don’t have time.  This of course was pioneered by AOL, and that old company that started with C that did bullentin boards way back in the 90’s.   I will split this into two or N blog posts later…….