Deregulators Official Video: “Don’t Ask” from CD “Too Many Questions”

This video done in 2006, during the presidential primaries, where the focus was the War in Iraq achieve some popularity merely by placement in Youtube in the Iraq category on the primary vote channel.   Its goal was to merely point out the the urgency and fear associated with large scale political and military decisions, where most of the information is actually concealed or manipulated by the administration. Under the cover of “national security” lay people reading newspapers and watching TV will never know what is really going on.  For proof, read the seminal book “Filters against Folly”. Its dated now, but it reveals the political machine which filters, meters, and directs the press in the direction chosen by the powers that be.  Despite their motives, their shortcomings, ineptitudes, and self-preservation and unacknowledged meglomaniac tendencies which drive reality into science fiction at mass media scale.