Andy Warhol: Creative Artist Created his own Demand

Teaching last week at IHM the Andy Warhol project on printing, I did the following blog post.   As the teacher (temporarily) I was reminded the the strong and lasting lessons often hidden in ART.

1) You can learn as much or more for Artists who’s styles you may not like.

2) You can like the strategy of an artist, whether or not you like their creations,

3) Every artist contains not only a strategy for creation, production, and concept, but also economic result of that strategy.

For Warhol, being sensitive to the pop culture and super fast spreading of color TV in the 1960s, a media centric object selection (Coke, Campbells soup), coupled with a media centric personality (think New Jersey Shore and American Idol), gave his career a super star result.   Warhol embodied the crazy genius which captivated the media, the reporters and the audiences…Who often bought in to the mystique he created for himself.   Essentially he created art, and evolved his own genre, personality, and story to support and extend his art.  That is a lot of creation……

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